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New oaks in Central Russia appeared

More than one thousand and half oak seeds were planted in May near the village of Gorelets, Kostroma region. The action was organized by Biodiversity Conservation Centre; the local priest and Moscow schoolchildren - the participants of annual summer environmental school - were the ones whose efforts helped to do this.

One part of oak seeds was planted in the forest nursery, the others - on a river bank and forest dews.

Forests of Kostroma region are situated at the border of European and East Siberian, their flora is known for the diversity. Local citizens used to live on non-timber products, such as mushrooms. The villages used to be full of people. But now the region, as many places in Russian province, is an example of the civilization destruction. Forests were almost destroyed because of logging; villages were collectivized, centralized and finally also destroyed.

But the signs of the fat of the land still remained in some settlements. One can still find oaks, fir-trees, larches, lime-trees there as there used to be common inhabitants of the forest seized by pine and aspen.

Among the further plans are not only oaks planting. In cooperation with schoolchildren and local priest greens will introduce ash-tree and elm to the land which used "to host" them many years ago.

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